Pam believes that every child in Prince George’s County deserves a great public education, and she has a plan to help
us get there.

Build 21st Century Schools

Every child deserves a healthy and safe learning environment. Right now, too many students in Prince George’s County are going to classes in trailers or attending schools that are crumbling. Pam will fight to upgrade current school buildings and construct new buildings to accommodate District 3’s growing population.

Prepare Students for College and Career

Every child deserves to leave high school prepared for college and a career. That’s only possible if we start early and ensure students at every school and at every level are challenged and supported. It's time to bring more innovation and specialty curriculum to our neighborhood schools. In elementary school, for instance, students should have access to second- and third-language learning as part of the curriculum. We can be the leading school system in the nation graduating students who are fluent and literate in both English and Spanish. Pam will work to launch new programs in every District 3 school to help put students on a pathway to success.

Support Educators

Every child deserves to learn from teachers who are well supported. Teachers should be paid fairly and given the opportunity for professional development. Pam will fight to give educators the resources they need to do their jobs well.

Ensure Equity

Every child deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. We need to recognize where we are not serving our students with special needs and fix it. We need to end bullying through restorative justice, not suspensions and punishments that keep children out of school. We need to match the goals of the Board of Education Equity Task Force with a financial commitment. Pam will fight to hold Prince George’s County Public Schools to the highest standards of racial and economic justice for all students and their families, including expanded investments in the Community Schools model and Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative, [email protected]

Engage with Community

Every child deserves a school community that is committed to their success. When more parents and community members are engaged, students are better off. Pam will work to increase parent engagement, including translations services for parents who do not speak English. She will promote local business investment in neighborhood schools and establish and strengthen parent-teacher organizations in every District 3 school.

Pamela can be reached at [email protected] and 202-486-5990 (text or call).


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